Department Summary

The County Appraiser and his or her staff are responsible for the discovery, listing, and uniform and equitable appraisal of all taxable and exempt real and personal property in compliance with the constitution and statutes of the State of Kansas for tax purposes. Property subject to taxation is divided into two principle classes: Real Property and Personal Property.

Each year the Appraiser reviews recent real estate sales and considers local economic conditions in order to maintain the most current value of the property in the county. The Appraiser's goal is to equalize property values, which will create a fair distribution of the taxes that pay for many community services. Appraisers do not create value. People determine value by their transactions in the marketplace. The appraiser simply has the legal responsibility to analyze those transactions and appraise individual properties based on what is happening in the marketplace.

Trend Study

Results of the market study analysis for the saline county for the assessment year 2022.

A study of the residential real estate market indicates there is an overall county-wide inflationary trend, though specific areas may be above or below the overall trend. A study of the commercial real estate market indicates that while there may be some areas of increasing values, no overall county-wide trend was identifiable. A study of the vacant real estate market indicates that while there may be some areas of increasing values, no overall county-wide trend was identifiable. Values on specific properties may not follow the general trend since there may have been changes made to the property or there may have been adjustments of value based on sales/leases of similar properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to register my boat, trailer, car, etc? Can I get an estimate on taxes for these items?

Complete a request for information in the appraiser’s office and provide any bills of sale, titles, manufacturer’s statements of origin (MSO/MCO), or any other documentation detailing what the item is and the purchase price for the said item. Our office will only make copies of the original paperwork. We do not keep the originals.

Go to Room 210 to title and/or tag item

NOTE: This includes boat trailers that are under 2000lbs.

NOTE: There are other steps that will need to be completed if the title of the item is from another state

For boats and jet skis specifically, go to Room 215 to start the process in getting brand new KA numbers or to change the KA Numbers into the new owner’s name

I need to pay my taxes and can you tell me what may taxes are?

If it's related to Real Estate taxes call the Treasurer's office at (785) 309-5860. 

If it's related to Personal Property, please call our office at (785) 309-5800. 

I have City Planning and Zoning questions - who do I call?

Neighborhood Services Room 205 phone number: (785) 309-5720

City & County Planning/Zoning Room 209 phone number: (785) 309-5813

How do I change the mailing address on my property?

Call our office at (785) 309-5800. 

Saline County Appraiser

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County Appraiser

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