Department Summary

Community Corrections provides intensive supervision and surveillance for adults and juveniles who would otherwise be incarcerated in state facilities. Funding is from the Kansas Department of Corrections and Juvenile Services. Intensive supervision is the cornerstone of Community Corrections. For our clients, this includes frequent face-to-face meetings with Intensive Supervision Officers (ISOs). It also includes  random drug testing, surveillance, community service, and regular contacts with other community agencies that provide  services such as counseling and  drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Statement of Mission

To ensure the safety of the community and the well-being of the client by utilizing the most current research and risk management tools to identify abnormal behaviors and assist in the development of life-long behavior changes.

Goals and Strategies

  • To strengthen our linkages to the Counties; Communities; Courts; Juvenile Services; and the Department of corrections.
  • Enhance the delivery of information between, and communication among, all who provide services to clients.
  • Not to discriminate between or among clients in the provision of services. See policy.
  • Demonstrate leadership, fairness, equity, and integrity to all we come in contact with.
  • Operate in the most cost-effective manner possible without compromising the goals of this agency.
  • Be available to the clients, judges, court, attorneys, parents, and all service providers.
  • Respect the responsibility entrusted to us. We will not compromise our authority or our integrity, or the integrity of others.
  • Adhere to all applicable Juvenile Services and Kansas Department of Corrections standards whenever possible.
  • Encourage and help motivate clients to change faulty belief systems and negative behaviors by creating a respectful partnership with the client that will bring about an atmosphere conducive to such behavior change.
  • Work toward fully implementing Evidence-Based Practices in supervision to assure that we are utilizing treatment strategies which have been proven effective in the field to improve outcomes and reduce recidivism in our work with clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I make a payment?

Court costs can be paid online through the Kansas District Court Public Access Portal. Community Corrections will also accept payment of court costs by check or money order in our office. Supervision, urinalysis, and other fees due to the agency can be paid in the office by credit card, check, or money order. Community Corrections does not accept cash payments.

Do you have an after-hours hotline?
  • AFTER HOURS EMERGENCY ONLY (adult): (785) 819-3089
  • AFTER HOURS EMERGENCY ONLY (juvenile): (785) 829-7824
What is your direct number?

Direct UA line number: (785) 826-6579

Meet The Staff

Michelle Callam


(785) 833-7421

Alex Tyson

Juvenile Intensive Supervision Officer

(785) 833-7410

Becca Cooper

Adult Intensive Supervision Officer

(785) 833-7413

Bobbie Bradbury

Adult Intensive Supervision Officer

(785) 833-7407

Brandon Tomson

Drug Court Intensive Supervision Officer

(785) 833-7408

Brian Vessar

Drug Court Supervisor

(785) 833-7409

Cindy Davis

Adult Intensive Supervision Officer & Resource Coordinator

(785) 833-7412

Cory Ward

Pre-Trial Supervisor

(785) 833-7417

Heidi Morrison

Administrative Specialist

(785) 833-7403

Isabel Hinkeldey

Adult Intensive Supervision Officer

(785) 833-7423

Jason Fuller

Drug Court Intensive Supervision Officer

(785) 833-7414

Kyle Jones

Adult Intensive Supervision Officer

(785) 833-7440

Krisann Barnaby

Juvenile Staff Supervisor

(785) 833-7416

Marilyn Garcia

Pre-Trial Supervision Officer

(785) 833-7418

Mark Talbott

Surveillance Officer

(785) 833-7419

Paula Morgan

Program Provider

(785) 833-7422

Sarah Wheeler

Pre-Trial Officer

(785) 833-7405

Sherry Krous

Administrative Supervisor

(785) 833-7404

Tom Fry

Juvenile Intensive Supervision Officer

(785) 833-7424

Zack Reddin

Intensive Supervision Officer

(785) 833-7420

Samantha Crowther

Program Provider

(785) 833-7415

David Womack

Intensive Supervision Officer

(785) 833-7411


309 S Broadway Blvd
Salina, KS 67401
(785) 826-6590
Hours: 7:30 AM - 6 PM Monday - Thursday
Closed Weekends & Holidays
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